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Texas Freedom Network Liveblogging

Posted in news by reasonfreely on May 21, 2010

Follow the Texas Board of Education debate and votes as they happen on TFN Insider

So far they’ve taken a preliminary vote to approve the K-8 standards.  I hope they all get voted out of office.

Just watched a video they had posted where an amendment is proposed to basically paint the UN as an attempt to undermine American sovereignty…and it passes, with only slight objection, on a large majority…

4:00pm Update:  TFN posted this video which you should all watch.  Keep tally of right wing code words and pure historical rewrites (e.g. claiming that the First Charter of Virginia is evidence that the US was founded to be a Christian Nation.  Well of course it mentions God!  The Charter was a royal decree from a monarch who claimed his authority by divine right!)


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